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Mary Whitaker


I had 41 jobs before i became an Employment Counsellor in 2003 working for Government funded employment agencies. I got laid-off in 2012 when i decided to open my own practice. I am certified as a Personality Dimension Trainer and a Certified Career Strategist which compliments my psychology degree and my diploma in social services.

Professional background

Career Coach, Resume Writer, LinkedIn Coach, Mock Interviewer

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How I work

I assist clients in career transitions by doing career assessments for career direction. I write resumes, cover letters after meeting with clients individually to identify their strengths, accomplishments and value propositions. I provide constructive feedback to answers to traditional, behavioural and job specific interview questions.

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Your Relationship with a Career Coach is about Change

One thing is for sure that will happen in your career or job is Change

21 August

Your Relationship with ...

One thing is for sure that will happen in your career or job is Change

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Many people only think of the monetary value of our jobs when we lose our job

07 August

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Did you know that 22 million people every week are looking at jobs posted on #LinkedIn? Is your profile getting noticed?

30 July


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