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Mary French


I am 50 years old, living in South Lakes in the UK. I spend a lot of time cycling, climbing, swimming and bouldering. It has been and continues to be a joy and a privilege bringing up my two children. It has taught me a lot about myself and my priorities but more importantly, it has taught me how each individual is uniquely special and needs distinctly different attention.

Professional background

Maths Teacher and Tutor


How I work

My ethos is a very holistic one, ensuring that pupils enjoy mathematics by increasing their self confidence and self belief. I believe in concrete learning first. The new improved pupil's attitude towards mathematics can be seen by improved grades and their teachers' at school comment on this. Problem solving in other subjects and walks of life benefit too. My testimonials on my web page and Facebook show this to be the case. I use concrete methods to ensure a deep understanding.

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Attitude! Linking Sport with Success in Maths

I’m a firm believer that partaking in a sport will strengthen understanding of maths and the enjoyment. I would go as far as saying that it works both ways. This article is going to focus on the links between sport and maths specifically attitude.

05 December 2018
Mary French has not published an article yet.


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