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Marcell Kovacs

Business coach

A professional problem solving I help entrepreneurs to achieve their goals - either by getting funded, get the first customers or deciding on new hires. I help you to raise over everday issues and struggles, lifting the spirit up and making you to realize that there is always a way forward.

Professional background

Business Consulting, Personal Training, People Management, Problem Solving

How I work

I have been there, I have seen it and I have done it! After a detailed introduction we get a realistic, an aspirational and a worst-case analsysis of your entrepreneurial situatin.

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Business/Start-up Consulting $100

Business/Start-up Coaching $150

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Business Coaching

Be the boss you have ever wanted to have

In your own business you cannot be a producer or a doer, since what your business demands the most is a leader and a manager

27 June
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