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Julia Russo

Life coach

Here what my clients are saying about me: Julia is an excellent coach with extraordinary listening abilities and can very well guide me to uncover the answers that lie within me. She's very skilled and perceptive to where one is coming from. She helped me deal with my issues of self-doubt and questioning my abilities. Goritsa Fotova

Professional background

Professional Life and Business Coach

Life CoachingBusiness CoachingResult Oriented CoachingCoaching for ChangeTransformational CoachingCoaching for Managers

How I work

My clients are successful people who know what they want and how to achieve it, but for one reason or another they have doubts in their judgment or postpone the next step. These are people with high emotional intelligence and self-reflection skills, but they are often sensitive and need understanding and acceptance to move forward.

I Coaching Package €400

Well Coaching Package €400

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