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Gail De Souza

Business coach

I focus on three areas of coaching Love, Money & Business. Allowing clients to step into an upgrade lifestyle as we work through blocks that have prevented your good. Using powerful techniques that are tried and tested. Love is central to everything we do for example love the work you do and the money will come.

Professional background

Love Coach, LLAC

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How I work

With 16 years experience in the recruitment & advertising industry coupled with being a Business & Practice Director this has provided me with a good grounding to understand people. For 4 years, been a coach and my clients have become master Manifestors in attracting once identifying what they want and focusing.

1 to 1 Breakthrough Session £175

7 session x 1 hour coaching package £1925

3 months - Coaching Package £3300

6 month - Coaching Package £5500

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Business Coaching

Women Taking Financial Responsibility - Gail De Souza, LLAC - Love Coach

When you are a women showing yourself as a leader, your actions impact the chances of other women becoming leaders.

01 July
Gail De Souza has not published an article yet.


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