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Gabor Holch

Business coach

Intercultural leadership coach, consultant, author and speaker specialised in East-West expat assignments and business. An expat since age 4, a former diplomat and China-based since 2002, he has advised, coached and trained leaders for 100+ clients in 25+ countries.

Professional background

Intercultural leadership expert & East-West expat coach


How I work

Whether your office (home-office couch) is in Stockholm, Shanghai or Seattle, some of your expertise will get lost in translation as soon as you start doing business with foreigners. For the last 20 years, I have helped executives, entrepreneurs, academics and artists build intercultural self-awareness, skills and successful new habits.

Intercultural Business Basics (assessment + 1 hour coaching) €300

Global Leadership Basics (assessment + 2 hours coaching) €500

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Business Coaching

The 2020 guide to intercultural leadership

Global people skills aren't optional any more - 2019 made this message clear. Global business reached managers even if they

11 January
Business Coaching

The 2020 guide to inter...

Global people skills aren't optional any more - 2019 made this message clear. Global business reached managers even if they

11 January
Business Coaching

Foreign business in Chi...

Those who have ever been foreigners in China know how easy it is to trample onto the country’s countless taboos, and how ..

30 September
Business Coaching

Leading millennials: A ...

Research on millennials makes fascinating reading. Never before have we dedicated so much time and effort to understanding..

29 August
Business Coaching

Demystifying China's le...

By the time Dave took up his post as the Shanghai branch’s General Manager, he had done his homework on Confucian leader...

21 August
Business Coaching

The real DNA of great i...

“They are quite polite and indirect,” the new project manager describes her local colleagues. “When they communicate...

12 August
Business Coaching

Three expert tips for s...

The non-extroverted majority of ambitious business leaders consider networking, similarly to public speaking, a dreadful and

10 August
Business Coaching

Expats behind China’s...

Foreign experts and businesses in China are a discriminated minority and a privileged elite at the same time.

10 July
Business Coaching

Expat managers lost (an...

What are culture maps, and how can managers use them to succeed in a new business location?

05 July
Business Coaching

Can they figure you out...

What first impressions will clients or business partners have about you in the first five minutes of meeting you?

04 January
Business Coaching

Global people skills ar...

Globalisation in business, management and leadership often disorients the very people who are supposed to provide orientation to others. Take, for instance, a typical European automotive CEO placed in charge of a major Asian market. This vibrant man or wo

04 June


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