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Cris Ison

Life coach

My mission is to inspire 1 billion people by 2022 through life coaching. 3 CORE VALUES Respect | Significance | Legacy BELIEF Our purpose in life is to use our talents and skills to serve other people.

Professional background

Life Coach, Business Coach

MotivationGoal SettingTime ManagementProductivitySelf-desciplineSelf-loveLeadershipBuilding a HabitSuccessPublic Speaking

How I work

I got an experience worth of 10 years. The online courses I took, including self-development, speaking and even marketing are worth around $10,000 and counting. I’m a multi-awarded member of various self-development community.

Accountability coaching (Human Goal Tracker) $97

Life coaching (e.g. billionaire mindset) $137

Career coaching (e.g. leadership, public speaking) $249

Marketing Strategies (e.g. coaching business) $499

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Life Coaching

Warning: 1 Hard Reason of Overthinking

Does it seems like you have unlimited thoughts in your head?

17 May
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