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Cornelis Blokland

Business coach

Are you having trouble receiving the attention you deserve? Not sure how to break through the noise to get to reach your customers? You know having a strong brand identity can fuel your marketing and help you claim the revenue you're missing out on, but you're unsure how to get started. Maybe some people and businesses just have that elusive 'x-factor' that draws people in? That's just the way it is right? Not true. It's actually easy to do once someone shows you how. Then you can get back to doing what you do best, saving you wasted time, effort and frustration. I can coach you through the process of discovering the brand values that will propel you past your competitors. Practical exercises and coaching after which you'll know how to describe yourself or your business, what to post on social media or how to write everything from emails to sales letters.

Professional background

Digital Marketing, Brand and Community Building Consultant: Unorthodox insights and pragmatic advice


How I work

I can answer any questions you have about brand and community building or we can work through my brand discovery exercises designed to help you get clear about your core messages and how best to communicate them in an authentic way. I provide special rates for musicians.

Marketing Coaching for Musicians £25

Marketing Coaching £60

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Business Coaching , Online Consultations

Get More Clients By Telling Your Unique Story

An introduction to why modern branding is all about telling a simple story.

22 December
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