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Bassem Elghawaby

Life coach

Bassem has a passion for helping people reach their full potential and increase their emotional intelligence and self awareness. He does so from experiencing firsthand how powerful personal development, among other factors, helped him go from at times wishing he ‘only had months to live’, due to mental health struggles, to becoming stable, successful, and wanting to show there is a path to more than surviving, but thriving towards one’s pursuits while being content in the moment. Bassem is also an entrepreneur in the digital marketing space who has helped clients with business strategy and implementation when requested.

Professional background

Certified Life Coach - FireWithinCoach Founder - Grassroots Multimedia


How I work

For the Life coaching service that I offer, I work under the certified system of Fire within Coach ( Prices range from $300/monthly for group coaching and $500/monthly for one on one coaching (both packages include comprehensive online resources and support). My company Grassroots Multimedia offers primarily social media marketing packages including Facebook/Instagram where prices typically start at $1000/monthly depending on clients needs.

Digital Marketing $500

Life/Business coaching $1000

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