Learn English online

I am a Nigerian living in Chile, I have been teaching English as a foreign language for the past two

Afeez Majolagbe | 09 April

Piano and Vocal tutoring

I teach piano and vocals and am comfortable teaching classical and popular music styles, as well as

Yasmine Latkowski | 19 February

Why I work online

Online tutoring helps students to further their education.

Laura J. Thompson | 15 February

Tutoring and flexibility

The internet allows a customised approach.

Laura J. Thompson | 25 January

5 Tips To Decode A Fingerpicking (or any!?) Song

A powerful and empowering way of learning a song and decoding music is transcribing. This article is

Johan Nilsson | 21 January

Microphones - Part 1

"A microphone can be likened to an ear, something that listens."

Johan Nilsson | 16 December

A Plan of Action to Succeed in Maths Exams

To achieve your best and get the highest GCSE grade you possibly can, you need a plan of action. Mat

Richard Coles | 04 December
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