True Strength Of Character Is ....

Head coach John Wooden once proclaimed: “Be more concerned with your character than you reputation

Tony Fahkry | 30 June
Life Coaching

The Strongest Amongst Us Are N....

Who are you in your quietest moments when no one is looking? How do you feed your soul when you expe

Tony Fahkry | 29 June

Let's get playing the guitar today!

Read on to know the life of a Music Award Winner & Publishing Artist.

WikiExpert | 26 April

5 Tips To Decode A Fingerpicking (or any!?) Song

A powerful and empowering way of learning a song and decoding music is transcribing. This article is

Johan Nilsson | 21 January
Business Coaching

How I composed and recorded a CD within 7 days

Today you can publish music and reach a global audience with a few simple means. This is an article

Johan Nilsson | 03 December