Business Coaching

Don’t Catch The Shiny Thing Syndrome (The STS)

In business its easy to get distracted and take a new path or opportunity thinking - this is the one

Mandie Holgate | 26 June

The Pains Of Life Are Not The ....

I’d like you to close your eyes after you finished reading this article and think about a current

Tony Fahkry | 26 June
Life Coaching

What If Everything You’re Ex....

What are you experiencing in your life that is causing you trouble? Try to get a sense of the emotio

Tony Fahkry | 25 June

What have Aesop's Fables Got T....

In this short article, Matt discusses how to use stories and case studies to sell yourself in the jo

Matt Craven | 24 June
Public Speaking

Presenting Powerfully

Its what you do inside your head as well as your external preparation that determines how well you p

Fiona Campbell | 22 June
Business Coaching

Emotions and Marketing

Customers think with both their rational and emotional brains. Studies show that when we buy, it’s

Mary Cushen | 20 June
Business Coaching

How to sell well and increase ....

Why you are jumping in the middle of the sales process and missing out on business.

Mandie Holgate | 18 June
Beauty Coaching

Concealer that is good for your health.

Dark circles, redness, and other imperfections are no match for this buildable, medium-coverage conc

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