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    70 $ / session

    Experienced senior-level professional with a background in counseling and academics across diverse constituencies. Consistently creates positive change, quality outcomes by helping clients ...

    Workplace Bullying and Mobbing
    Christian Counseling
    Relationship Coaching
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    Workplace Mobs and Leaders

    Workplace mobs thrive in unhealthy organizational cultures. What are the leaders' traits? Why do some employees participate?

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    45 $ / session

    A Specialist career coach in IT and Engineering, I have worked with the following engineers Aeronautical, industrial, Mechanical, electronic and mechatronic. I have worked with C#, C++, Php...

    Job search strategies
    Career Strategy
    Interview prep
    Resume writing
    Career Advi...
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    25 $ / session

    My interest in psychology has been prevalent my entire life. As a young child, I often wondered about the functions of the brain and human behavior. Around age 12, I decided to become a “...

    School Counseling Consultant
    Life Coaching
    Career Counseling
    Relationship Coach...
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    50 $ / session

    I do more than coach. I'm here to help you solve your problem & give you real answers, not just ask how you feel. If there's such a thing as being a child prodigy in how to communicate and...

    Workplace lifecoach
    couples counseling
    family counseling
    communication lifecoac...
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  5. Price
    150 $ / session

    I am driven by the vision to give the world its fair share of women leaders in the workplace. I combine 10+ years of experience in leading talent and leadership development in multi-nationa...

    career coach
    leadership coach
    women's empowerment
    women professionals
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    68 $ / session

    My name is Louise, I am semi retired living in Devon in the beautiful Dartmoor countryside. I live with my wonderful Husband and Son and a rather spoilt cat called Minnie. I have finally c...

    Work place
    Coping with Illness
    Family problems
  7. Price
    266 $ / session

    My claim to fame is that I have trained more than 1,000 laughter professionals in the UK and have been leading over hundreds of corporate workshops for thousands of people. I have played...

    corporate workshop
    laughter yoga
    stress man...
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    48 $ / session

    A qualified counsellor with proven experience supporting clients in workplaces and different settings. Committed to delivering client-centred support that gradually empowers individuals and...

    Client-focused therapy
  9. Keyon James

    Business Coach

    50 $ / session

    Hello! I look forward to working with you and bringing out the best in you or your company. I have over five years of professional experience working for major companies. I know what it tak...

    Work Procedures
    Business Coaching
    Career Coaching
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  10. Fiona Campbell

    Business Coach

    238 $ / session

    I have been helping business professionals develop their leadership, emotional intelligence, communication and interpersonal skills since 2001. I previously worked in sales and management a...

  11. Price
    41 $ / session

    I am a qualified Maths and Science (Physics specialist) teacher who started teaching in 2000. I have considerable experience of teaching and assessing school-age students and adult learners...