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    I help women and men in their 40s find love after a breakup or divorce have a long-term lasting relationship. Wish you could find your partner, but whenever you find a good one, it does ...

    Relationship Coach
    lasting relationship
    finding love
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    When and Whom To Ask For Help

    When life begins to feel as if it is too heavy, uncertain, lost and directionless we need to ask for help. Who do we ask?

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    60 $ / session

    I am a certified holistic health coach and Yoga trainer. I believe our greatest weakness is meant to become our greatest strength. During my professional experience - online or face to fa...

    Holistic Health Coaching
    Life Coaching
    Burnout ma...
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    My name is Estelle and I am a life coach. I am a life and career transition mentor. My mission is to help you to deal with a change of circumstances and to guide you in achieving a pers...

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    27 $ / session

    I am a thorough law student who has experience at numerous top firms such as Ashurst. Furthermore, I have years of experience in teaching Maths and English until University standard.

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    I have international experience and passion as an educator, specialising in the teaching of Mathematics and Statistics, from Year 6 to A-level. I have been teaching Mathematics and Statisti...