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    "Healer heal yourself. Then you can help others do the same." That is the native American philosophy and that of most native cultures. In this sense, although I studied classical psychology...

    cult trauma and recovery
    eating disorder
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    Christine was born in North Carolina, graduated at the Public Schools in Robeson County. She attended Robeson Community College and pursued her Cosmetology License and Master Educator...

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    My name is Mhlanguleli Ngqumshe, a philosophy honours graduate, career guidance officer, spiritual leader, a tutor and a bachelor of social science graduate, majored in sociology and psyc...

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    I am the founder of Willow coaching, Certified Life Coach,and Clergy member of the Spiritual-Humanist Church, mother of 2 and a grandmother to be (less than 3 weeks as of 8/2/20). From a...

    Spiritual Guidance
    Personal Growth
    Menopause Coach