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  1. Price
    100 $ / session

    I help women and men in their 40s find love after a breakup or divorce have a long-term lasting relationship. Wish you could find your partner, but whenever you find a good one, it does ...

    Relationship Coach
    lasting relationship
    finding love
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  2. Price
    50 $ / session

    I am a 32 years old from Cape Town, South Africa I am a life coach and speaker with passion to help people on their journey of self development and achievement. In turn the reward that I ge...

    self development
    Life coach services
    self discovery
    self impovement
    meaning of ...
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  3. Price
    50 $ / session

    I provide coaching and support to individuals going through major career transitions such as retirement, loss of job, and for those just entering the workforce. I worked in corporate HR fo...

    Retirement Coaching
    Job Search Assistance
    Career Coaching
    Career Transition Coa...
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    47 $ / session

    A qualified counsellor with proven experience supporting clients in workplaces and different settings. Committed to delivering client-centred support that gradually empowers individuals and...

    Client-focused therapy
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    55 $ / session

    Living thru much adversity as a child motivated me to succeed in life. In 1992, I founded Chris Talarico & Assoc., Inc. Employment Services with only $500 & a mission to achieve my dreams w...

    resume review/refresh
    Motivation/Goal Setting/Achievement
    Grads Job Search Stra...
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