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  1. Gloria Halim


    107 $ / session

    I specialize in women’s health and wellness and work with clients on a 1-2-1 basis, with a special focus on managing stress and balancing hormones. I share information that empowers women t...

    health coaching
    women's health
    hormone imbalance
    life coaching
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  2. Price
    100 $ / session

    I am a nutritionist and fitness coach and I lost 100 pounds in one year using natural and organic methods that changed my life and I want to pass my knowledge onto clients willing to make a...

    lose weight
    workout plans
    fitness routine
    fitness adv...
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  3. Price
    350 $ / session

    I help men and women to lose weight and beat emotional eating without giving up their favorite foods, like chocolate and wine.

  4. Price
    65 $ / session

    After the loss of our son in 2007, I gained personal experience and insight into anxiety, depression, and become much more empathetic towards other's pain and suffering. Therefore, I am non...

    loss of child
    self confidence
    anxiety and depression
    couples therapy...
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  5. Price
    89 $ / session

    I am a lifelong martial artist, personal trainer and health coach that specializes in helping men in their 40s and 50s reset their bodies, feel better, lose weight, and perform at levels th...

    health coach
    personal training
    life coach
    over 40 men
    men over 40
  6. Price
    60 $ / session

    I am a trained nutritionist for many years doing nutrition counselling. About 7 years ago, I became interested in mental health and I have recently obtained my Masters degree in counselling...

    weight management
    grief and loss
    relationship issues
    anxiety and depre...
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  7. Price
    75 $ / session

    I've been companioning adults in finding their purpose, their identity, their passion, restructuring their goals and formulating a plan for their future for 36 years. I work with: 1. H...

    Weight loss
    Goal setting
    Life Coaching
    Transition Coaching
    Emotional Health
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  8. Price
    65 $ / session

    I am a Life Coach with a focus on well-being, Mindset Coaching and Stress Management. Modern-day living is incredibly fast-paced and often overwhelming. Constantly trying to keep up with...

    Weight Loss
    Setting Goals
    Developing Relationships
    Healthy Lifestyle
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  9. Daniel Pinto


    20 $ / session

    I am Daniel, I have studied Human Nutrition for 4 years at University of Central Lancashire and I have Graduated in 2017 as Bachelor in Nutrition. As I wanted to get further knowledge on t...

  10. Price
    53 $ / session

    My style and approach is underpinned by Humanistic philosophy, and I am able to apply my skills by focusing on the use of Integrated Person-Centred and confidential service. I offer profess...

    Integrated Person Centred
  11. Price
    100 $ / session

    I help women and men in their 40s find love after a breakup or divorce have a long-term lasting relationship. Wish you could find your partner, but whenever you find a good one, it does ...

    Relationship Coach
    finding love
    long-term partnerships
    lasting re...
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