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    90 $ / session
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    Cindy Makita is a Career Strategist & Coach, LinkedIn Career Expert, and founder of Hired Institute. Passionate about helping people land their ideal jobs that fit their skills and passions...

    Interview Prep
    Career Coach
    Career Strategy
    Career Clarity
    Resume Writi...
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    66 $ / session

    I teach Maths and Physics and have been doing so over the last 8 years. During this time I have tutored over 60 different students, clocking up over 1000 hours of tutoring up to date. Durin...

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    35 $ / session

    ONLINE COUNSELING AVAILABLE NOW. Sessions last 40 minutes and are currently $35 to aid in our world crisis. Are you fearful, anxious, depressed, or have repeating disturbing thoughts? You w...

    Mental Health
    Couples Counseling
    Teen Behavior
    Child Mental Health
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    Jesus as a Motivational Interviewer Book of Mark

    Motivational interviewing methods that Jesus used while interacting with people. This article explored each chapter in the Gospel of Mark with the intent of exploring Jesus’s motivational interviewing skills with the different stages of change Jesus encou

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    98 $ / session

    Matt is a thought leader and international presenter on a range of career development and personal branding topics including CV / resume writing, interview coaching, LinkedIn, personal bran...

    interview coaching
    CV writing
    personal branding
    thought leadership
    career coach...
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    75 $ / session

    I had 41 jobs before i became an Employment Counsellor in 2003 working for Government funded employment agencies. I got laid-off in 2012 when i decided to open my own practice. I am certif...

    Interview Answers
    Career Advice
    LinkedIn Profiles
    Salary negotiations
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    150 $ / session

    I am dedicated to helping people actualize their personal and professional goals by understanding how to: Create a winning mindset, develop personal and professional branding, master the a...

    Public Speaking
    Personal Development
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    55 $ / session

    Living thru much adversity as a child motivated me to succeed in life. In 1992, I founded Chris Talarico & Assoc., Inc. Employment Services with only $500 & a mission to achieve my dreams w...

    Interview Prep & Survival
    LinkedIn Profile Enhancement/Networking
    Unique tips/t...
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    44 $ / session

    A Specialist career coach in IT and Engineering, I have worked with the following engineers Aeronautical, industrial, Mechanical, electronic and mechatronic. I have worked with C#, C++, Php...

    Interview prep
    Career Strategy
    Resume writing
    Career Advice
    Linkedin Profile
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    290 $ / session

    Life, Relationship, and Breakup Coach certified by New York University. I've been an on-air expert for Good Morning America, Nightlight, "What Would You Do?" and appeared on numerous other ...

    breakup coach
    dating coach
    relationship coach
    get ex back
    move forward
  10. Rob Giardinelli

    Business Coach

    100 $ / session

    I am someone who loves working with a wide variety of can be seen in my career and life experiences. I started my career in the tech industry as a product and brand strategi...

    Executive Coaching
    Business Coaching
    Life Coaching
    Communications Coaching
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    40 $ / session

    I am passionate about Men’s fashion and self image. I help you find a new you. Looking to change up your style and have people notice you better. Assist with new wardrobe, closet assessment...

    Men’s image Consulting
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    100 $ / session

    I am a registered clinical counselor who work with clients who have depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, addiction issues, grief and loss, motor vehicle accident , and work problem issues.

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    66 $ / session

    Let's be (more) awesome together. What I can do for you: 1. I can train your employees in German or English 2. I can help you perfect your German if you're non-native and hoping to...