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  1. Price
    75 $ / session

    Shiwani is a Relationship and Empowerment Coach with over 20 years in the corporate world. She is an ICF certified coach skilled in CBT Techniques and Positive Psychology. She coaches ...

    Relationship coaching
    Work Life Balance
    Stress Management
    Happiness Coaching
    5 more
    1 publications: 12 likes 10 shares
  2. Price
    125 $ / session

    Hello, my name is J. Calvin Tibbs. I have been in the personal development field for over three decades now and I am trained to help you create a path towards finding your purpose. I have t...

    Purpose Coaching
    Spiritual Guidance
    Personal Development
    3 more
    11 publications: 121 likes 31 shares
  3. Price
    150 $ / session

    I'm a compassionate and caring coach who wants to see each client succeed. Having been in leadership in Corporate America for more than 25 years, I helped employees grow in self-introspect...

    Relationship Life Coach
    Workshop Facilitator
    Financial Professional
  4. Price
    30 $ / session

    I'm Eljeana Lee, I am a Trauma Coach and Life Empaths I to am also, Empath and I can relate to the challenges that Empaths, those that are intuitive encounter on their Journey. I have 37...