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    125 $ / session

    As a Certified Life Coach my goal is to help you uncover your true potential and lead a life that is worth celebrating. Helping you make radical improvements in your life is my focus. I pro...

    Career and Finances
    Health and wellness
    Building self confidence
    Promoting Self...
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    Why You Need A Life Coach

    Most people have no idea if they need a life coach or what a life coach is or does. Here I will explain what a life Coach is

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    85 $ / session
    Thank you!

    With a desire to help and because I easily bond with people I want to see how you make your inner beauty blooming. My background in beauty, education, training, coaching and in Communic...

    personal development
    bussines coaching
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    65 $ / session

    After the loss of our son in 2007, I gained personal experience and insight into anxiety, depression, and become much more empathetic towards other's pain and suffering. Therefore, I am non...

    anxiety and depression
    self confidence
    loss of child
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    65 $ / session

    Full time online private tutor teaching maths, Science and Dyscalculia to teenagers. Tutoring only online and based in London, UK. PhD in Mechanical Engineering and previous careers in En...

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    52 $ / session

    Hello. I'm a specialist online A Level Chemistry Tutor helping students improve their confidence, understanding and grades in A Level Chemistry. I'm a former Atomic Energy Authority and IC...

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  6. Nat Mac

    Life Coach

    33 $ / session

    I am not your normal qualified, graduated life coach. I am simply someone who has almost experienced every part of life there is. I’ve been hugely successful, I’ve also been rock bottom man...

    wants over feelings
    self value
    alternating vie...
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    30 $ / session

    I'm Eljeana Lee, I am a Trauma Coach and Life Empaths I to am also, Empath and I can relate to the challenges that Empaths, those that are intuitive encounter on their Journey. I have 37...

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    3 $ / session

    I am passionate about how others feel and manage their stress. I have been giving advice for many years to friends, family, and even strangers that just need someone to talk to. I feel tha...

    mind & body connections
    general t...
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  9. Price
    25 $ / session

    I am a positive influence on everything around me. I didn't grow up with a silver spoon, which gave me character and humility. I believe everyone has success within themselves and can achi...

    Mental health
    Life Skills
    Self improvement
    General knowledge
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  10. Teresa Dieguez

    Business Coach

    59 $ / session

    Hardworking and interested in a better world: more developed, and with more equitity. I love new and challenging projects. I like to see things happenning and I like to be people commited ...

    Business developer
    technological transfer
  11. Price
    0 $ / session

    I am a certified Unmasking Coach (Life Coach). I completed my undergrad studies at James Madison University and went on to become a certified coach. I have been working as a coach for over ...

    Relationship Coach
    Spiritual Development
    Emotional Healiing
  12. Price
    20 $ / session

    I have a fierce passion for the art of mathematics. I have extreme knowledge in the areas of algebra, geometry, trigonometry, pre-calculus, and calculus. I love these areas of math and I al...

  13. Price
    30 $ / session

    My name is judith . Am living in lakeville Minnesota. My passion is to teach french.,am french tutor. Do you want to learn french or your children , contact me. Am here to help you.

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    339 $ / session

    In 2010, I decided to take charge of my own life and do something different. I craved freedom, flexibility, and control over my own choices. I wanted a life I could enjoy, work that didn’t ...

    sales conversations
    get clients
    growth mindset in business
    business g...
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  15. Price
    39 $ / session

    I am a professional maths teacher when I say that I mean I am really good at maths teaching but I am not a teacher I would like to get a job for it .

  16. Price
    50 $ / session

    I am a 36 year old mother. I have first hand experience with struggle and strength. I have been life coaching for 5 years and primarily have been giving my time to young ladies in the adul...

  17. Price
    39 $ / session

    I am a life coach /console I help people to under why they feel the way they do and coach and guide for a better outcome for there life, helping people turn there life around most of all ...

    Life coach
    realtion consoling
  18. Price
    65 $ / session

    Yo My name is Chris. Im 26 years old and I've decided to take my own life experience of suffering with mental health issues and drug abuse from a young age and turn it all around in orde...

    Metal health
    life coach
    life build
    start today
  19. Price
    129 $ / session

    As a life purpose & ascension coach, I help to find the true inner self & add more meaning to your days in order to make powerful positive changes in life ahead. * Getting clarity on purp...

    self help
    self improvement
    Life purpose
  20. Price
    75 $ / session

    Christine was born in North Carolina, graduated at the Public Schools in Robeson County. She attended Robeson Community College and pursued her Cosmetology License and Master Educator...

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    0 $ / session

    I'm excited to talk to people, I like helping people, I'm here to listen. When I was younger I never talked to anyone and I felt horrible. I want to help people like me.

  22. Price
    20 $ / session

    In the day of life you will either know what life is like or not, from me I know what life is like and I know it so much my wisdom Jesus Christ right hand man of God.

  23. Price
    39 $ / session

    I am very good at teaching I have hight level standers of teaching I would like to teach young age group for example year 1 to year 6

  24. Price
    0 $ / session

    24-06-2019 To whom it may concern, I am writing to apply for a job in Your’s enterprise. Although I have a degree in Accounting I also have experience in other areas as you wi...

  25. Price
    129 $ / session

    "Birth is about making mothers - strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength." (Barbara Katz Rothman) I see those mothers, sometimes they don't...

    women's coaching
  26. Louise Jenner

    Business Coach

    0 $ / session

    Working with you to move from frustration to fulfilment in your professional life. I'm a career and business coach and I believe that you should absolutely LOVE YOUR WORK. It's important to...

    Career Coaching
    Leadership Coaching
    Business Coaching
  27. Price
    12 $ / session

    I am currently a second year student studying towards becoming an elementary French school teacher. I am fully bilingual, as my mom is fully French and my dad is fully English. I am a punct...

    hard working
  28. Price
    30 $ / session

    My name is William Lee, but everyone calls me Will. I was born and raised in San Antonio, Tx. I got into life coaching before I even knew it. It all started in the gym for me, I was the cha...

    life coaching
    mental strength
  29. Price
    15 $ / session

    My name is Chloe, I am a hard working grade 11 student. I am dedicated, hardworking and a good teacher. I will do whatever is needed to help the students I tutor!

  30. Price
    175 $ / session

    I'm a vibrant coach and champion of self care, specializing in helping you connect to your authentic naked self in order to feel the freedom that comes with self acceptance. Website: htt...

    Transformational Leader
    Life Coaching
    Self-Care Coach
    NLP Coach
    Co-Active Coach...
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  31. Price
    150 $ / session

    Hello, my name is Megan. I have been in the self development industry for over a decade now and have many tools, tips, and tricks i've learned along the way to truly live a happy life. I h...

    Self development
    Life coach
    self love coaching
  32. Price
    8 $ / session

    Refer to me as THEY/THEM please! I am a 15 year old with a love for animals. I main in Spanish. If my efforts to tutor you is wrong feel free to let me know!

  33. Price
    89 $ / session

    I am a lifelong martial artist, personal trainer and health coach that specializes in helping men in their 40s and 50s reset their bodies, feel better, lose weight, and perform at levels th...

    health coach
    personal training
    life coach
    over 40 men
    men over 40
  34. Price
    59 $ / session

    My name is Titilayo Kester. I am passionate about helping people;helping people find solutions to their problems has consistently been my interest by extending my hands in love. My aim in l...

  35. Price
    350 $ / session

    I help men and women to lose weight and beat emotional eating without giving up their favorite foods, like chocolate and wine.

  36. Price
    65 $ / session

    I live in community eco-housing in Bristol (UK) with my wife and children, Willow (6) & Alby (4). We run a group homeschool using a ‘self-directed’ model which marries Montessori tools w...

    Life Coaching
  37. Price
    40 $ / session

    I'm a full time teacher who also provides extra tutoring services . Anything from first grade through fourth grade. If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a message

  38. Price
    150 $ / session

    I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, specializing in helping couples improve their relationship. I have been licensed and in private practice since 2012. I finished my Master's in...

    relationship counseling
    marriage counseling
    marriage therapy
    couples counseling...
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  39. Price
    10 $ / session

    I am a 15 year old student from oklahoma Looking to help young ones with online school as it can be stressful for them and their parent. I have straight A’s and a overall 4.3 GPA.

  40. Price
    25 $ / session

    I am a young woman who is spiritually awakened and would like to teach others how to do so , so they can live liberated and elevated lives :)

  41. Price
    59 $ / session

    My Honours Degree in psychotherapy and counselling concentrated upon the theory of personality. Issues my client bring to me come from a broad spectrum. Anxiety + Panic Depression + Low M...

    Tennage Issues
    Relationship issues
    3 more
  42. Price
    20 $ / session

    I am a GCSE student that attends a grammar school, I have good people skills and enjoy working with younger children. Teaching gives me a sense of fulfillment and I feel I can provide a mor...

    Eleven Plus
  43. Price
    40 $ / session

    Worked as teacher for over 20 years. Teacher and Counselor for students in detention center with learning and discipline problems. I was a vocational counselor for teachers and adults in...

  44. Price
    60 $ / session

    Graduated with a solid academic background, I can teach math from primary school to high school, I have 2 related teaching experience in math and I hope that I can help students improve the...

  45. Price
    326 $ / session

    About George Stack George's practice is designed to offer quality solutions tapered to each individual's needs. He has over 20 years of experience in Australian and international counsel...

  46. Price
    12 $ / session

    I am an experienced English teacher, I teach kids and adults at all levels. I will help you to speak English as soon as possible. Children always see ale a liking from me.

    English teacher
  47. Price
    125 $ / session

    I love to help people. It is important to get help when you need it. It’s important to train your mind, it’s very important to your mental health. I’m always available like 24/7.

  48. Price
    100 $ / session

    For the past 15 years, I have specialised in psychology, psychotherapy, coaching, and business. I am an experienced life, wellness and business coach ready to counsel and guide individuals ...

    Personal Development Coach
    Wellness Coach
    Leadership Coach
    Relationship Coach
  49. Price
    15 $ / session

    I love to help kids understand their work. I also love to dance and sing. What I look for in a kid is effort and perfection. I want my students to try their best and to understand.