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    I absolutely love teaching! The look of joy and amazement when a tutee understands something or makes a breakthrough in their understanding is priceless. Having been a qualified teacher ...

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    I am an certified Professional Relationship and Life Coach, educator with a Master of Arts in Humanities. I completed training by Fowler International Academy of Professional Coaching. I he...

    Professional and Personal Life Coach
    Relationship Coach
    Restart-Recovery Coach
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    I am 50 years old, living in South Lakes in the UK. I spend a lot of time cycling, climbing, swimming and bouldering. It has been and continues to be a joy and a privilege bringing up m...

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    Attitude! Linking Sport with Success in Maths

    I’m a firm believer that partaking in a sport will strengthen understanding of maths and the enjoyment. I would go as far as saying that it works both ways. This article is going to focus on the links between sport and maths specifically attitude.

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    -10years of Experience in teaching maths. -University and high school level. -American, British, Egyptian and golf countries national curriculums. -

    Discrete math
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    I am a fully qualified native speaker tutor with over 25 years experience in teaching Italian !Job experience includes teaching for Kent Adult Education College (Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge ...

    Italian lessons
    Kent adult education
    private Italian lessons
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    I am a very friendly person and I like talking a lot. I like sharing ideas and opinion with others. I am a very active listener, which helps me understand better what others try to say. I...

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    I live in community eco-housing in Bristol (UK) with my wife and children, Willow (6) & Alby (4). We run a group homeschool using a ‘self-directed’ model which marries Montessori tools w...

    Life Coaching