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    I have many years of lived experience in recovery, take a non-judgemental, empathetic and 'accepting of otherness' approach to life - and coaching. I search for the fun and laughter and lo...

    women who love too much
    relationship addiction
    love addiction
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    Tired of giving too much?

    Over-caring is overwhelming. It can result in an emotional and/or physical burnout akin to compassion fatigue. This article offers a suggestion of therapeutic recovery coaching as one of the many ways you might choose to right yourself, following capsiz

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    I am a certified holistic health coach and Yoga trainer. I believe our greatest weakness is meant to become our greatest strength. During my professional experience - online or face to fa...

    Burnout management
    Holistic Health Coaching
    Life Coaching
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    I am married with two children, three grandchildren, and one Chihuahua named Joey. I have had the privilege of doing Life Coaching throughout my entire career. A 17-month season of depressi...

    Spiritual Growth
    Pastoral Counseling