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    Hi, My name is Enid Martinez. Through out the years I have struggled and had many challenges in my life but I always felt in my heart the need to help others and to have a non judgmental ...

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    Emotional Abuse

    Finding yourself alone after Emotional Abuse and what to do next and how to trust yourself to move forward.

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    Completed my studies is counselling 4 years ago, I am here to help anyone, without judgement or prejudice. I am here to offer a listening ear, to show you you are not alone in this.

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    I make the world a better place and without me it just won't answer I'm professional life coach I waste no time I don't sugarcoat things I'm straightforward I'm hard-working and dedicated ...

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    My name is Titilayo Kester. I am passionate about helping people;helping people find solutions to their problems has consistently been my interest by extending my hands in love. My aim in l...