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    My life’s purpose is to be of service to God by providing hope and inspiration to individuals who need clarity, wisdom and the tools to move beyond whatever binds that person, whatever keep...

    life transition coach
    life coach
    personal coach
    spiritual coaching
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    What Are You Expecting?

    Points out the surprising connection of Napoleon Hill's work and Jesus' idea about prayer.

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    After 30 plus years of Advisory, the one thing I have learned is that people love to be loved. I live to love and love to live. I hope to provide you with spiritual answers to questions you...

    Intuitive Life Coach
    Intuitive Natural Healer
    Natural Healer
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    I am married with two children, three grandchildren, and one Chihuahua named Joey. I have had the privilege of doing Life Coaching throughout my entire career. A 17-month season of depressi...

    Spiritual Growth
    Pastoral Counseling