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    Cindy Makita is a Career Strategist & Coach, LinkedIn Career Expert, and founder of Hired Institute. Passionate about helping people land their ideal jobs that fit their skills and passions...

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    I had 41 jobs before i became an Employment Counsellor in 2003 working for Government funded employment agencies. I got laid-off in 2012 when i decided to open my own practice. I am certif...

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    A Specialist career coach in IT and Engineering, I have worked with the following engineers Aeronautical, industrial, Mechanical, electronic and mechatronic. I have worked with C#, C++, Php...

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    Matt is a thought leader and international presenter on a range of career development and personal branding topics including CV / resume writing, interview coaching, LinkedIn, personal bran...

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    Living thru much adversity as a child motivated me to succeed in life. In 1992, I founded Chris Talarico & Assoc., Inc. Employment Services with only $500 & a mission to achieve my dreams w...

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