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  1. Joseph Nsiah

    Business Coach

    65 $ / session

    Extensive financial business experience in leadership and strategic consulting capacities across a diverse array of organizations. Utilizes technology to generate data-driven insights and d...

    Contract Negotiations
    Cost Reduction
    Leveraging Technology
    Leadership & Coachin...
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  2. Price
    75 $ / session

    I had 41 jobs before i became an Employment Counsellor in 2003 working for Government funded employment agencies. I got laid-off in 2012 when i decided to open my own practice. I am certif...

    Salary negotiations
    Company Research
    Career Advice
    LinkedIn Profiles
  3. Price
    30 $ / session

    I am a skilled accurate academic teacher/tutor, proofreader and writer with an excellent command of the English language, and particular experience in writing and editing academic and educ...

    Contract law
    content writing
    U.S tax law
    Australian tax law
  4. Price
    16 $ / session

    I am a practicing lawyer and have done my LLB from BPP UNIVERSITY with 7 distinctions and currently enrolled in UNIVERSITY OF BEDFORDSHIRE for LLM. I have been teaching LLB TO BPP and Unive...

    Contract law
    Corporate law
    Tort law
    Criminal law
    Land law
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  5. Price
    25 $ / session

    I am a teen and i know that might sound upsetting or sad but i can really help with spanish i am aomost an expert in the subject i can mostly help with beginers or even people mostly advanc...

  6. Price
    55 $ / session

    I have a Masters in General Psychology and a Bachelors in Psychology, I am also certified in Forensic Psychology and Group Counseling Psychology. I currently work full-time as a Behavior Th...

    Anger Management/Conflict Resolution Trainer
    Crisis Intervention Counselor
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