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    72 $ / session

    Hello my name is Bogdan Lungu I am a Life Coach because I am passionate about helping people who, like you, don't want to use any more of their time, energy or money on things that aren't r...

    life coaching
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    92 $ / session

    I am a qualified Life Coach, Canine Behaviourist/ Trainer and Private Investigator, working as a Freelance/ Sole trader.

    Dog Training
    private investigations
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    Life Coaching

    Life coaching, relationship coaching, Career Coaching and all areas covered.

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    118 $ / session

    Certified and experienced coach helping clients gain clarity on how to effect positive and lasting change in their personal and professional lives. Areas I cover include career and life ...

    career coach
    certified life coach
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    25 $ / session

    My interest in psychology has been prevalent my entire life. As a young child, I often wondered about the functions of the brain and human behavior. Around age 12, I decided to become a “...

    Life Coaching
    Career Counseling
    Relationship Coaching
    Career Coaching
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    125 $ / session

    As a Certified Life Coach my goal is to help you uncover your true potential and lead a life that is worth celebrating. Helping you make radical improvements in your life is my focus. I pro...

    Building self confidence
    Promoting Selfcare
    Improving Habits
    Couples Coaching
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    Why You Need A Life Coach

    Most people have no idea if they need a life coach or what a life coach is or does. Here I will explain what a life Coach is

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    5 $ / session

    27 year old female with 8 years as a mental health tech Certified Life Coach Will Coach substance abuse as well as mental health illness

    life coach
    Mental Health
    Substance Abuse
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    What is Life Coaching

    Life Coaching is Mentoring with a Twist. We are not here to coach you with no results. We hold you Accountable !

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    89 $ / session

    As a holistic life coach I connect with my clients as a WHOLE, meaning Body+Mind+Spirit. I am also a mother of three boys, wife, daughter, sister, friend, yogi enthusiastic and a lifelon...

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    0 $ / session

    In 2017 I qualified as a Life Coach (accredited by the AC) and swapped my successful Corporate career, spanning over 20+ years, for exploring Freedom.. I went volunteering in Nepal, sol...

    life coach
    freedom coach
    positive change
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    350 $ / session

    Hello, My name is Jasmine Victoria I am a certified Life Coach. I have been professionally coaching for two years. I am looking to taking new clients. I specialize in finding women between ...

    Life Coaching
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    111 $ / session

    I have been in the gutter of despair, self-doubt and fear but have now risen to a high level of self-confidence and enthusiasm to fulfil my true potential. I believe in working with clients...

    Motivational Speaker
    Keynote Speaker
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    15 $ / session

    My name is Jasmine Hall, owner of Living Lovelii services. My area of expertise in business as well as interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships will help improve your life. As a child,...

    life coach
    love coach
    relationship coach
    business coach
    life insurance
    beauty c...
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    13 $ / session

    Good day, my name is Karl and I'm 32. I have now been a life coach for 3 years and became a life coach after suffering with depression, i felt the pain and darkness of mental health and ...

    Mental health
    Life coach
    Anger management
    Career advice
    Work stress
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    66 $ / session

    I am a qualified life coach who is highly educated and well trained with expertise in dealing with individual and professional goals. As a life coach, my intention is always to help client...

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    150 $ / session

    Rev. Jason Carson Wilson is a certified Life Purpose Coach and Interfaith Spiritual Coach. My program, Fabulous Resilience, gives everyone tools and techniques to build confidence and self-...

    Life Coaching
    Interfaith Spiritual Coaching
    People of Color
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    25 $ / session

    I am a passionate person who is purposed to bring life and that more abundantly here on the earth by way of heart, mind, and soul. To willingly assist others to build up, encourage, coach,...

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    98 $ / session

    Im Rachael. I live in Northern Ireland I have 3 kids and a few dogs. I am a mindset and life coach My aim is to help get you from where you are, identifying what it is that is keeping ...

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    39 $ / session

    I am a life coach /console I help people to under why they feel the way they do and coach and guide for a better outcome for there life, helping people turn there life around most of all ...

    Life coach
    realtion consoling
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    75 $ / session

    I am a Life Coach and I help people set goals and reach them. I provide you with the necessary steps to achieve your goals and work with you to overcome any obstacles or resistance standing...

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    80 $ / session

    I am a social worker who is committed to helping individuals live their best life. Whether you’re a single parent, recent divorcée, having relationship issues, or need help managing stress...

    Life Coaching
    family conflict
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    30 $ / session

    A true empath with experience and education in life coaching. I strive to achieve the best possible plan for my clients working on their individual needs and goals. Looking at the enhancem...

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    85 $ / session

    My name is Patricia Williams. I am a counsellor and life coach in private practice for 25 years. I am the managing partner of an organisation called Rivers Assist. We provide well-being ser...

    life coach and counsellor
  22. Price
    75 $ / session

    Shiwani is a Relationship and Empowerment Coach with over 20 years in the corporate world. She is an ICF certified coach skilled in CBT Techniques and Positive Psychology. She coaches ...

    Relationship coaching
    Work Life Balance
    Stress Management
    Happiness Coaching
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    35 $ / session

    My name is Dr. Kimberley Smith. after more than twenty years as a Spiritual Counselor and Life Coach, I am happy to offer my services here at WikiExpert. Regardless of what your issues are,...

    Spiritual Counselor
    Ordained Messianic Rabbi/Minister
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    100 $ / session

    For the past 15 years, I have specialised in psychology, psychotherapy, coaching, and business. I am an experienced life, wellness and business coach ready to counsel and guide individuals ...

    Business Coach
    Wellness Coach
    Leadership Coach
    Personal Development Coach
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    105 $ / session

    I am a personal life coach and hypnotherapist. I started my career supporting survivors of trauma and those with emotional behavioural problems, learning difficulties and mental health prob...

    personal development
    career coaching
    living with mental health difficulties
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    100 $ / session

    I am a focused on living an extraordinary life that we create through collaboration, excitement, hard work and commitment. I enjoy helping others learn how to achieve their goals by learni...

    Life Coaching
    Personal Development
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    75 $ / session

    Trained at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, AZ and currently living in Colorado, I specialize in helping clients develop skills to manage chronic pain, anxiety, and stress....

    Stress Management
    Pain Management
    Anxiety Management
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    150 $ / session

    My name is Mhlanguleli Ngqumshe, a philosophy honours graduate, career guidance officer, spiritual leader, a tutor and a bachelor of social science graduate, majored in sociology and psyc...

  29. Price
    33 $ / session

    i Am 71 year old male with a wife , three sons, two daughters in law and three grandchildren. I have a large amount of life time experience that could benefit hundreds of people who need he...

  30. Price
    150 $ / session

    Hello, my name is Megan. I have been in the self development industry for over a decade now and have many tools, tips, and tricks i've learned along the way to truly live a happy life. I h...

    Life coach
    self love coaching
    Self development
  31. Price
    100 $ / session

    I am the founder of 4 steps coaching. As a certified coach, I work with people from around the world in helping them achieve the success they want in just 4 steps through highly structured,...

    Career Coach
    Business Coach
  32. Price
    1000 $ / session

    I learned about recovery through my life. Raised by addicts and became an addict. I had a brain injury in 2015 that changed my life while I was in the process of recovery and it changed me.

    Opiate Addiction
    Building Self
    Life Coach Certified
    Recovered addict...
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    70 $ / session

    As a professionally trained with 15 years of coaching experience, I have the tools and understanding to help you to create the life you imagine and get a renewed sense of self. Committing...

    life coach
    relationship coach
    spiritual coach
    couples coach
  34. Price
    100 $ / session

    Good Day, I am Imani Bryant-The Success Coach. Yes, Very bold as a name- and YOU are guaranteed a success story. I am a Life Coach that strives for success in all avenues of my life: Inti...

    Mental Health
    Marriage Couseling
    Goal Setting
    Self esteem
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    50 $ / session

    My life’s purpose is to be of service to God by providing hope and inspiration to individuals who need clarity, wisdom and the tools to move beyond whatever binds that person, whatever keep...

    life coach
    personal coach
    spiritual coaching
    relationship coach
    career co...
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  36. Price
    25 $ / session

    I love helping women become the best them. I have life coach women for 10 years. I'm passionate about helping women. I help with situationships, confidence issues and happiness.

    Life coach
  37. Price
    99 $ / session

    Shannon Rollins is a keynote speaker, career coach, and life coach with more than eight years of experience enabling individuals to improve their mental health and physical wellbeing throug...

    life coach
    leadership coach
    stress managem...
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  38. Price
    88 $ / session

    Having been through deep personal crisis, emotional and physical and come out of it stronger and clearer than ever i am inspired to offer guidance and support to anyone who might need it. H...

  39. Price
    50 $ / session

    Formally coach college basketball for 22 years. For 15 of those years I was a successful head coach. Thrived on mentoring young men to reach their goals and dreams. I focused on how to make...

  40. Price
    100 $ / session

    For about more than 7 years, I've been doing astrological consultations; I helped people find their life path. Ever since my childhood, I had this strange habit of contemplating the mysteri...

    Business Advisory
    Business Coach
    Reputation Coach
    Communications Coach
  41. Price
    59 $ / session

    My name is Titilayo Kester. I am passionate about helping people;helping people find solutions to their problems has consistently been my interest by extending my hands in love. My aim in l...

  42. Price
    10 $ / session

    Hello, my name is Shaina and I am an early childhood educator and a life coach. A passion of mine is helping people, listening to people, and reminding them that they are capable and compet...

  43. Price
    250 $ / session

    I make the world a better place and without me it just won't answer I'm professional life coach I waste no time I don't sugarcoat things I'm straightforward I'm hard-working and dedicated ...

  44. Price
    175 $ / session

    I'm a vibrant coach and champion of self care, specializing in helping you connect to your authentic naked self in order to feel the freedom that comes with self acceptance. Website: htt...

    Transformational Leader
    NLP Coach
    Life Coaching
    Self-Care Coach
    Co-Active Coach...
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  45. Price
    125 $ / session

    I am Julius James. I was born and raised in Washington, D.C. I Attended The Ohio State University where I earned my B.S. degree in Psychology. I married and moved to New Jersey, then to Fl...

    mental health
    work at home
  46. Price
    30 $ / session

    My name is William Lee, but everyone calls me Will. I was born and raised in San Antonio, Tx. I got into life coaching before I even knew it. It all started in the gym for me, I was the cha...

    life coaching
    mental strength
  47. Price
    39 $ / session

    I have experience in life through close observation and problem solving. It is noticed that I can always mostly have a solution to any problem or issue.. Otherwise, methods are used to work...

  48. Price
    500 $ / session

    Bassem has a passion for helping people reach their full potential and increase their emotional intelligence and self awareness. He does so from experiencing firsthand how powerful personal...

    Life Coaching
    Business Coaching
  49. Price
    75 $ / session

    I am a self stater. Very organized. Caring and professional. I love learning new things and helping others find their way to what ever happiness is to them. I been working in the mental he...

  50. Price
    26 $ / session

    Montana is a professional Actor, Director & Public Speaking Coach. She works with performance techniques from RADA, confidence based life coaching and speech and language support to turn...

    public speaking
    confidence coach
    communications coa...
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