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Fish Philosophy

A magical book worth a read to bring transformation in our lives.

Why Career Identity is Important

Our identity plays a large role in our thoughts, behaviors, and every decision we make at...

Book Summary

Inspire the audience to read the book 'Rhinoceros Success' and motivate them to achieve g...

Servant Leader vrs Leader With Boundaries: How Can It Be Both?

How can I really serve, influence and lead my people without having them run over me?

The Stuck Leader

"Why am I so intimidated in this situation at work?", "Why is this anxiety weighing me do...

What can the 2020 census reveal about foreigners in China?

What will the recently completed 2020 National Census find about foreigners living in China?

The Brilliant Disaster

Putting more certainty in hiring good leaders and managers. What I didn't know

Leaders in 2021 must be daring agents between safe havens

For leaders in business, healthcare, government, education and more, 2020 was both a drea...

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