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After 30 plus years of Advisory, the one thing I have learned is that people love to be loved. I live to love and love to live. I hope to provide you with spiritual answers to questions you've always wanted to know about spirituality the intuitive processes of life, and all other areas of healing, growth and relationships.

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Intuitive Christian Based Spiritual Advisor

How I work

I offer healing in all are areas of life ,and relationships. I am available to answer any spiritual questions you may have about your life's journey no matter where you are on that Journey. I understand that compassion and Care are the key to Healing and understanding life's problems that you may be facing at this time.



How Intuitive Advisors and Psychics Retrieve Messages from the Universe

Paradise Morgan here on how Intuitive Advisors and Psychics retrieve messages from the universe for our clients. It is a very tedious process that requires much effort and a gift given only by the Creator himself. This gift must be trained and efficient i

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