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I focus on three areas of coaching Love, Money & Business. Allowing clients to step into an upgrade lifestyle as we work through blocks that have prevented your good. Using powerful techniques that are tried and tested. Love is central to everything we do for example love the work you do and the money will come.

Professional background

Love Coach, LLAC

How I work

With 16 years experience in the recruitment & advertising industry coupled with being a Business & Practice Director this has provided me with a good grounding to understand people. For 4 years, been a coach and my clients have become master Manifestors in attracting once identifying what they want and focusing.



  • Dr M Mehdiani, London

    Gail has help me transform my life in all areas from business, family life & money. I have developed a more confident approach and a positive future. She also encouraged my daughter with saving money by doing the Money game.

  • Dr Rubi, London

    Gail has helped me to achieve success in my career development and progress. She has opened my mind to soulmate levels of love which started with loving myself & upgrading my lifestyle.

  • Natasha - Australia

    You inspired me to be a better person and love myslef first before anything else, and then look what happened my soulmate found me. You truely are the most amazing, compassionate and genuine person

  • Beth G - USA

    Gail's joyful personaility is beautifully blended with profound wisdom to create an atmosphere of possibility. The exercises she walked me through expanded my awareness of what can happen when I let go of fear and embrace joy. Her insights on love and money helped me to release hidden limiting beliefs and see how wonderful and fulfilling love life can become. Thank you Gail!

  • Neringa, London

    Gail helped me to change my inner world. The right book at the right time. A wise and inspiring exploration. Spiritual Entrepreneur’s Love of Money - 30 Days Money Love Magnet book helped me to change my attitude toward money - earning it, spending it and giving away. I give this excellent and well written book my highest recommendation.

  • Georgina Sandu -London

    You made me realise I have to change my life and myself in order to be open and confident to find my soulmate. Spending time with Gail De Souza has made me realise the good and bad qualities about myself, which has allowed me to transform. I would like to stress something very important which I never thought before; what I thought were my best qualities were not and I had to do the the inner work to change. I get love when I’m ready.

  • Dr Rubi Ahmed

    Gail De Souza is the best life/love coach in the world.


The magic of Christmas & the office party!

During the magic of Christmas the office party can be a hotbed of passion, we’re a desk mate can turn into a drunken smooch!

Gail De Souza  | 13 found this helpful

Sex with Your Soulmate - Gail De Souza, Love Coach

No better way to connect soulmates than uniting them with sex. Sex is a beautiful experience on its own because of the art.

Gail De Souza  | 6 found this helpful

The Great Wash - Post Pandemic Love

For those who remain single, it’s happy days because you are one step closer to finding love

Gail De Souza  | 14 found this helpful

Three Unеxресtеd Wауѕ Yоu Mау Bе Keeping Love Away! Gail De Souza, Love Coach

"Lіfе іѕ whаt hарреnѕ to you whіlе уоu'rе buѕу mаkіng оthеr рlаnѕ." John Lennon

Gail De Souza  | 11 found this helpful

7 Wауѕ tо Show Lоvе tо a Woman - Gail De Souza, Love Coach

Onе most dіffісult thіng tо dо bу аnу mаn in a relationship is hоw tо lоvе hіѕ wоmаn.

Gail De Souza  | 6 found this helpful

“Who Should Make the First Move?” 15 Tips for Senior Daters - Gail De Souza, LLAC - Love Coach

Mеn are like mісrоwаvеѕ аnd wоmеn аrе lіkе оvеnѕ. Sо, рlеаѕе tаkе some tіmе tо allow the romance to dеvеlор.

Gail De Souza  | 11 found this helpful

Five Tips For Finding Real Love - Gail De Souza, Love Coach

Tips to attracting your soulmate. People spend more time researching their mobile than someone to share their life with

Gail De Souza  | 13 found this helpful

Social Distancing When Attracting Love

An inner gain if you are single, to change your script of how you dated in the past & to reboot into soulmate love!

Gail De Souza  | 13 found this helpful

Women Taking Financial Responsibility - Gail De Souza, LLAC - Love Coach

When you are a women showing yourself as a leader, your actions impact the chances of other women becoming leaders.

Gail De Souza  | 12 found this helpful

Money & Love - Your Relationship Determines Your Wealth!

Being unfaithful doesn’t only mean they have had an affair, it is also committing financial unfaithfulness.

Gail De Souza  | 9 found this helpful

A Fine Romance, Is Not A Dating App! by Gail De Souza, Love Coach

The idea of romance would fall flat if you imagine your future child asking how did you meet? Oh I swiped to the left...,

Gail De Souza  | 9 found this helpful

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