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Intercultural leadership coach, consultant, author and speaker specialised in East-West expat assignments and business. An expat since age 4, a former diplomat and China-based since 2002, he has advised, coached and trained leaders for 100+ clients in 25+ countries.

Professional background

Intercultural leadership expert & East-West expat coach

How I work

Whether your office (home-office couch) is in Stockholm, Shanghai or Seattle, some of your expertise will get lost in translation as soon as you start doing business with foreigners. For the last 20 years, I have helped executives, entrepreneurs, academics and artists build intercultural self-awareness, skills and successful new habits.


  • Global Leadership Basics (assessment + 2 hours coaching)
  • Intercultural Business Basics (assessment + 1 hour coaching)


Today’s executives must manage crises they never expected

The past few years drastically rewrote the job descriptions of mid- to high-level managers at multinational firms.

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How culture makes or breaks business plans

For business leaders running multinational firms in China, the first half of 2020 was a surreal time.

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Why diversity is the ‘immune system’ of management teams

COVID19 spawned brilliant stories of adaptation and innovation. None of the key decisions to support such success stories...

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Foreign business in China in 7 questions

Those who have ever been foreigners in China know how easy it is to trample onto the country’s countless taboos, and how ..

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Demystifying China's leadership culture

By the time Dave took up his post as the Shanghai branch’s General Manager, he had done his homework on Confucian leader...

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