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Pretty much anything & everything that addresses my higher self, triggers me into a state of controlled chaos. Part of a consciousness I’m relearning. Ego is poisonous. My ancestral spiritual path has re-aligned me with a genuine relationship with my soul self. Aware of the damage and detrimental occurrences of my world from a human perspective, as opposed to utilizing my gifts towards a selfish intention, has molded a better version of who I'm becoming daily.

Professional background

Spiritual guidance, self-esteem, CBT counseling, DRD4-7R development, couples therapy, addiction counseling

How I work

Guidance counseling Ontological coaching Spiritual teaching C.B.T-based learning Psychoanalytical therapy & healing Positive Psychology structural building these all go hand-in-hand with the motivated intention behind what ‘Sync. Society’ stands for, all in service to the main objective. Self-actualisation being one of the most feared patronage paths to consciously embark on as an individual, whether enlightened or otherwise, stands as the foundational focus point that birthed it all.


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