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My name is Porche Proffit and I have a background in psychology. I have a B.S in Psychology and M.S in Forensic Psychology. I provide life coaching services to people in the community as well as to those involved in the criminal justice system. I have been married for three years, but have been with my husband for a total of fourteen years. We have two boys who keep our lives interesting. I love people and learning new things from them, people are definitely my passion.

Professional background

I have a background in Psychology. My B.S is in Psychology and my M.S is in Forensic Psychology.

How I work

We use My Clients Plus, Trello, and Zoom to support our online coaching sessions. My Clients Plus is our Client Portal Ability to send me messages and schedule appts. Trello is the Coaching Task Manager and is Used to stay on task with coaching assignments, resources, and session focuses. (This is also an app) Zoom will be used for sessions. (another video platform can be used, by request)


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