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I am 26 years old, and a therapist under supervision specialising in psychoanalysis. I come from an international background, being half English and half Croatian, having grown up in Malaysia and Thailand, and now living in Vienna, Austria. This has allowed me to develop a strong inter-cultural awareness, which has defined me as a person in terms of the experiences I have made, the friends I have made, the food I enjoy, and the movies/series/books that I watch/read.

Professional background

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology Psychoanalyst in training under supervision

How I work

I normally start with a first interview to get to know the general problem you are coming for help with, and to introduce the therapy method I work with. Questions to do with your overall hopes for therapy and my professional duties are also clarified. If we agree to work together, the session frequency is established - in psychoanalysis, sessions take place once or more times per week, depending on your needs. Sessions last 50 minutes.


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