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Hello, Nice to meet you here digitally! My name is Christophe Sagman age 29 (but i have and old soul, feels like i am 290 years old) I am a proud father of four kids, two boys and two girls. I have experience in many sectors since i dropped out from school. School was boring and too much useless intel there that doesn’t even help in real life. I have always been a speaker/preacher however one want to put it but my spirit is always active. I believe and know i am here on earth to help.

Professional background

School drop out never needed a diploma and never will need not want one also.

How I work

Firstly to put it simple: I have two ears and one mouth.. So with that being said i always first listen and let one release all pressure from within. After listening i will know exactly what an individual will be needing the most. Motivating, loving, empathetic, criticality in thinking, open minded and much more.. I can be the spark one needs to reset or go forth stronger, smarter and happier in current way of life. Meaning fiscally and spiritual. My knowledge is strong and i can proof it



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