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I am in my element when I am helping women get more of what they need to create the life they dream about (self-love, confidence, self-trust, relationships, and confidence are great places to start). I love spending time with my family outside, but I can be coaxed indoors with the promise of chocolate and a good book or movie. My childhood dream job was a fashion designer. Turns out I'm better with people than sewing machines. I firmly believe the dog deserves a spot on the bed.

Professional background

Certified Transformation Coach, Certified Women's Empowerment Coach, Certified Professional Counsellor, CBT, NLP.

How I work

To get the most out of our coaching session, I ask that you fill out a questionnaire/intake form prior to the session so I can have a clear understanding of your goals for our time together. The session itself is more free-flow than structured as I find that most breakthroughs come during authentic conversations rather than from following a specific structure. The last 10-15 minutes is used to create a plan for actions to take to achieve the outcomes you are looking for. Discovery call available


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