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I'm assertively mentally gifted and quite intellectually inclined. I'm said to be usually well informed; and always try to gather as much information as I can, which in turn helps me to more easily adapt to any situation. Quick-witted and smart, as a twin I quickly become the center of attention in any gathering. At the same time, I tend to be not the most emotionally stable individual, I can be moody and change my opinions fairly so. I constantly at each moment train myself on self awareness.

Professional background

Spiritual guidance, self-esteem, CBT counseling, DRD4-7R development, couples therapy, addiction counseling

How I work

My accumin when it comes to dealing with any individual is to exercise a high level of patience and empathy. The main key to healing is to break down positive psychology into practical techniques that can be exercise internal by means of maintenance a mindful thought process towards development. Doing the uncomfortable discussions by means of also sharing a rapport of openness with my clients, allows a comfortable environment/ relationship. Ensuring that self actualization is mandatory.



The Healer Meets counselor at change...

“When ‘Freud’ published his book ‘The interpretation of dreams’, he publicly introduced the concept of the unconscious.” L.M

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