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My life has been an uphill battle since I was 16. Coming from recovery to experience in behavioral health and fitness, career opportunities all in between this time. I am big on physical health and mental health. I am also a believer in a plan and having goals. Life can be difficult and hard sometimes and a good support and team behind you is crucial to succeeding. I would like to continue to grow and express new Avenues to do so.

Professional background

Behavioral health technician, Information technology, customer service

How I work

I have a theory on a goal plan and would express that to you if you would like to learn more. Nothing short of advice and coaching on anything you want to achieve. Even if it is a listening ear. I plan to create a direct clear short term, long term goals and what you are going to do with those goals. This plan will break down in threes which I call the 3-6-9 plan. If you are interested in learning more, feel free to reach out to go over your personal plan.


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