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I am a very positive person with a passion for helping people. My passion started when I was about eight, I wanted to be a Psychiatrists but life had different plans. I have fully embraced my path which has led me here and I am very exited to help others find and embrace their paths just as I did. I feel that there is a lack of positivity in this world and I know that I can't change the world through one person, but im happy to change the world for just that one person.

Professional background

Registered with CCTA, diploma in counseling and certified life coach

How I work

My first online session would be a "get to know each other" session, this is where I asses my clients needs even the needs that they may not realise they have. After we slowly come to terms with things that may be holding this client back from achieving those needs. Once the " issues" has been resolved I then guide them through their paths to achieve those needs and feel empowered that they themselves achieved those needs.



How to embrace being single

This will help you embrace being single, and enjoy your single single life to its fullest.

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