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About Pradnya Pandit is an Artist, Writer, and Mentor who has helped thousands of people while going through twin flame experience and spiritual awakening. Her mission is to provide guidance and support to those who are on their journey of spiritual transformation. Pradnya's content has crossed over 32 million+ content views. She started her YouTube channel in 2020.

Professional background

Spiritual relationships counselor, Twin Flame Mentor, Ascension Guidance

How I work

You can book ZOOM or Email session/s with me if: You feel you have met your Twin Flame or experienced Spiritual Awakening. You are lost, directionless, confused and you need some clarity. -No one around you is able to understand you or believe you. You genuinely need someone who has already been through what you are going through, to listen to your personal situation without judging you. --- Please send me a message to know more about each session in detail.



What Does it Mean When You Dream of Your Twin Flame?

Twin flame dreams have a very great significance in the twin flame journey. When they occur, there is always some reason!

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How to listen to your Higher Self

Your inner voice – your higher self is the most authentic source for seeking information, knowledge, and guidance.

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Do twin flames have to undergo all the stages before they could be happy together?

The twin flame experience is NOT about going through unhappiness first and then having the candy!!

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11 Signs of Illumination Stage in Twin Flame Journey

The bridge between separation & reunion is the stages of Surrender & Illumination. everything is happy, elevated in harmony.

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11 Misconceptions – Twin Flame Journey : Part 2

Some major misconceptions, which may strongly affect twin flames on their path!

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11 Misconceptions – Twin Flame Journey : Part 1

Some major misconceptions, which may strongly affect twin flames on their path!

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What is Inner Work in Twin Flame Journey

Inner work is all about being aware of your triggers, experiences, identifying issues, and overcoming those issues.

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Synchronicity and Twin Flames

Have you ever wondered if something you experienced in your journey was really a coincidence or something more than that?

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