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Education is my background - I've taught adults and youth, founded and grew an arts-based charter middle school, co-founded a startup incubator, mentored dozens of entrepreneurs and small business owners, served on the advisory board of Triangle Women in Business, and currently am serving as President and Chief Visionary Officer for a founder I worked with in my incubator as we grow the company globally.

Professional background

LPW Certified Business Coach, Startup Incubator Co-Founder, 2x Startup CEO, currently running a rapidly growing startup

How I work

As a keen listener with a natural ability to counsel and coach, I have an uncanny knack for asking key questions, identifying what's holding you back, and helping you figure out what steps you need to take to grow. Our sessions include gentle and clear accountability, and a review of client-driven OKRs and KPIs with an eye toward breaking down big goals into actionable plans. Also, it's not atypical for regular life stuff to come up during sessions. I am also adept with helping there.


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