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I love helping people. Not only do I have numerous certifications, but I am also an ordained minister, a scriptwriter, and worked for a production company, published author, writer, director, and actor. I love cooking new foods, meeting new friends, and love learning all I can.

Professional background

Certified in: Life/Relationship/Marriage Coach, Advanced Cognitive Therapy, Mental Well Being in Children, Child Psych.

How I work

I love helping my clients better themselves. I want to help them see their gifts and learn to work on their life skills, their environment, and learn to cope with family, friends, peers. I am here to help and we can discuss what is bothering you, and let's work together and resolve any issues you may have together.



Rules for Healthy Marital Boundaries For the In-Laws

Some in-laws take their son/daughter's marriage and try to run it. Here are some ways to help set boundaries with the spouse

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Happy Children from Birth to Adulthood

What can you do to make sure you're child is productive from childhood to adulthood? Here are some ideas to help.

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The Other Woman

Being married and finding out that there is another woman can be a crushing blow for any woman. It's okay to leave!

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I love being Kinky... Is that okay?

Some people are ashamed to admit they want more pleasure. I tell you it's okay. Come chat with me in a safe place.

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Safe Place To Talk

Do you need a safe place to be able to talk to someone and are not ready for a counselor just yet?

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The Porn Killer

What are the effects of a partner thinking it's okay to look at porn? Will it change the dynamic of YOUR relationship?

Elizabeth Martinez  | 13 found this helpful

Who am I, and why should you care?

Here is some information about myself and the different things I have done and still do. I would love to help you

Elizabeth Martinez  | 6 found this helpful

Is it just me or is my man changing?

How to know signs that there is something off with your relationship and what to do

Elizabeth Martinez  | 13 found this helpful

Don't let this good woman go. She's Yours!

What do you do when the one good woman comes into your life and you need to make it work for once?

Elizabeth Martinez  | 12 found this helpful

How is Your Well-Being Today?

How do you know that your well-being is taken care of? These questions may help you know if you are where you need to be.

Elizabeth Martinez  | 7 found this helpful

Actions that will destroy ANY relationship

What kinds of things will destroy a healthy relationship? What turns things sour quickly either knowingly or unknowingly?

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Sisterly Love?

What happens when your older sister admits she hates you and goes by any means to have her stepfather removed from the home?

Elizabeth Martinez  | 12 found this helpful

Intrusive In-Laws and Cheating Spouse

What is a woman to do when in-laws approve of the son's cheating and lies to protect him? The wife is left on her own

Elizabeth Martinez  | 13 found this helpful

Being an Empath/Medium (Paranormal Sensitive)

What is it like being an empath/sensitive? How do you explain it to others? Does science accept it the paranormal?

Elizabeth Martinez  | 10 found this helpful

Has a ghost ever solved their own murder case?

Has a ghost helped solve their own murder? Has this ever happened before in history besides this case? Read on...

Elizabeth Martinez  | 11 found this helpful

MY truth about Little People

What is it like to live life as a little person? Is it true little people hang out together? Read on to find out...

Elizabeth Martinez  | 11 found this helpful

Getting Rid of Guilt after a Breakup

How does one get rid of guilt after a breakup? You may clammer to return to where you shouldn't return to.

Elizabeth Martinez  | 13 found this helpful

A Little Person in the Entertainment Industry

Why is it that little people have it harder to get into the entertainment industry? Why use the same actors repeatedly?

Elizabeth Martinez  | 8 found this helpful

The Reason Women (Men) Leave Relationships

What makes a woman (man) truly leave a relationship? Here are a few important reasons to understand why.

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Things a Cheater Unknowingly Does

Want to know what a cheater does unknowingly? Do you think you live with a cheater? Let's see if this can help you decide!

Elizabeth Martinez  | 13 found this helpful

Is Your Mother/Father/ in Law(s) Toxic?

Let's delve right in and see if your mother in law, father in law, or any of your in-law(s) are toxic in your relationship

Elizabeth Martinez  | 13 found this helpful

Am I in a Toxic Relationship?

How to know if you are in a toxic relationship may be difficult for him/her. This may help you decide if you are in one.

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