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A life coach like myself focuses on a person's behavior. I help people make changes through two simple concepts: action and accountability. I believe any significant change in life starts by making a conscious effort and committing to it. My goal is to always leave my clients in a better place than when I arrived.

Professional background

Relationship Coach Spiritual Coach Fully Accredited Spirituality Coach Advanced Life Coach ( Achology Certified)

How I work

Establish rapport . Spend the first 5 to 10 minutes on accountabilit Identify today’s issue Reframe client’s challenges to find solutions together Walk client through relevant strategize



If You're at a Crossroads in Life, Ask Yourself These 8 Questions

Are you at a crossroad and don't know what way to go,then ask yourself these 8 questions

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10 important life lessons we are often taught too late

Talks about the 10 important life lessons often taught too late

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Talks about how Life is a Journey and how it's different for everyone

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The 7 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make Before Hiring A Coach

How you can make 7 big mismakes before you hire a coach

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Stop Living By the Rules of Other People!

Talks about not living by others rules,and start living by yours.

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Self discovery the choices we make the Journey of life and what we want out of it

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Signs You’re a People Pleaser and Ways to Stop

Talks about people pleasing how it started and how to stop being a people pleaser

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Narcissistic relationships

Talks about Narcissistic relationships and the signs you maybe in a relationship with one.

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Taking responsibility for our actions

Talks about how everyone needs to start taking responsibility for our actions and how we need to hold our kids responsible

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Know Your Worth

It talks about how you should know your self worth and how you got to love and respect yourself before anyone else can

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Even the strong need help sometimes

Being strong and having the courage to ask for help when you need it.

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