Vhenekai Moyo

Life Coach

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I’m an ambivert beautiful lady, an analytical & logical thinker, very in touch with my emotions and intuitions. Very influential and persuasive. I strive for excellence and believe life should be a balance, I prioritize peace of mind and living a purposeful life. I believe challenges are like mountains, we are supposed to climb and not to carry. Last but not least I am passionate and a lover, a believer in making life beautiful.

Professional background

BSc Agricultural Economics, Project Management Certificate, Personality & Character Development and Guiding & Counseling

How I work

I guide and coach on various topics : Spiritual Development, Character & Personality Development, Relationships & Self Awareness, Feminine and Elegance living as well Confidence & Self Esteem classes. I have prepaid packages as well as special one on one sessions depending on what it is lacking in your life. I’m just there to coach and make you realize the power you carry making sure your implement it for the betterment and all-roundness of your life.