Ama Amoako


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I am a certified Wellbeing Life Coach with a BPS accredited BSc degree in Psychological Counselling and Therapies, and an MSc in Psychological Therapies; my next logical step in my journey was to certify as a Life Coach, which I did by completing an accredited Life coach/Mindfulness Diploma. Over an 8-year span, I have accumulated years of experience, working in the mental health sector, ranging from a mental health recovery support worker to an assistant psychologist; a journey that has led me

Professional background

MSc Psychological Therapies BSc Psychology & counselling Life coach & Mindfulness Diploma

How I work

I conduct my therapy sessions with an informal approach. As I want my clients to quickly understand that we are working as partners and I’m here to support them during their challenging times. I help my clients to gain a new perspective of their situation and through this new perspective we collaborate together in finding a better solution that will give better results. I’m a strong believer in going within & listening to what your body is saying & you will always come out of the dark tunnel.