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I am an accomplished Career Coach & Trainer, specializing in Career Transition and Leadership Development. As a career coach, I help my clients clarify their career goals and help them create personalized career plans and execute go-to-market strategies for achieving their career goals. I am passionate about helping others grow and develop to their full professional potential and performance. I have successfully coached over 600 clients to date.

Professional background

Certified Career Coach focusing on Career Transition and Leadership Development

How I work

I use Zoom to coach my clients online. Each session is one hour and a typical engagement will be about six sessions. The first session will be to help clarify their career goals and administering a few assessments that will provide deep insights to help them make the right career choices. Other sessions will focus on career planning, resume building, LinkedIn optimization, effective job search strategies, networking methods and interview coaching.



Best Practices for Career Resilience

Career Resilience is one of the most essential skills you will need to develop and nurture in today's VUCA world.

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Job Search Strategies

Job searching is a competitive event that requires a strong mix of strategies to achieve success.

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Applying Key Marketing Communication Principles in Job Search Campaigns

A job search campaign is similar to marketing a product or service. Key marketing principles are valid in a job search.

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Career Direction and Career Decisions

Career Continuation or Career Change (Pivot) – that is a key question that confronts many job seekers today.

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How to write “killer” Accomplishment statements in your Resume?

Writing compelling accomplishment statements in your resume is key to getting you an interview by the hiring company.

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What makes a good resume?

There are some “Do’s” (must have) and “Don’ts” (must avoid) that you need to bear in mind when writing your resume.

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Managing Your Career Transition Successfully

The seven steps outlined in the infographic will help you make a successful career transition.

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What is your “Dream Job”?

There are three domains that are critical to consider. The sweet spot among these 3 domains is your dream job!

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