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I am a Psychotherapist whose aim in counseling is to not only decrease unpleasant feelings/thoughts/emotions but also, increase the feeling of life satisfaction. I like to think of myself as empathetic, but assertive in a way that motivates my people in sessions. My love for counseling came from my own suffering with controlling my own negative thoughts and emotions, and the realization that trying to control them actually makes them worse. Now I show all my clients the same abilities to do so.

Professional background

I have a 2.1 bachelor's degree in Psychology from The Open University and a Spanish Masters degree with the VIU.

How I work

The first session is dedicated to getting to know about the client's reasons for coming to therapies, life circumstances in general, and therapy goals. Then we can proceed with coping strategies, as well as strategies for encouraging positive emotions/thoughts/events into my client's life and the lives of the people around them. Depending on the patient, I like to organize a session a week for an hour a week and to keep in contact through email or WhatsApp for questions or emergencies.


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