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I am currently studying at the university of Bolton. My degree which i am about to receive shortly holds the title of "Psychology,psychotherapy and counseling" I am Greek and im 21 years of age. Im an easy going guy and i accept people as they are. I am fascinated by mental illness and all the ways to cure it. I'm planning on working at the psychiatric hospital of Athens the coming september. It would be a pleasure to meet you and discuss whatever it is that is bothering you

Professional background

1 year of private practise in cognitive behavioral therapy and one year of freudian therapy Psychology major/student

How I work

I am working from home and i perform sessions once a week there can be emergency sessions throughout rhe week that i will not charge. I mainly use Microsoft teams



CBT therapy and counselling

I provide therapy and counselling r cheaply. I am majoring in psychotherapy and i'm willing to help people live happy lives

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