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I am an experienced mother of two children who is a qualified Nursery Nurse and qualified Life Coach. I am a determined, patient and loyal individual who has a variety of life experiences as well as many breakthroughs. I am very understanding and I have empathy to a variety of situations. My experience both life experience and professionally has enabled me to help and guide a variety of people from many backgrounds (ie friends, clients and family members), through various situations.

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I am very loyal and respect people as individuals. I understand that no two people are the same or have the same experiences, so I am a great observer. I am very friendly and approachable as my soft caring manner eases people to my natural temperament - so I've continuously been told. I work with clients personally and I hold confidentiality to a high standard of importance. Forming an initial relationship is also important to me as I like to gain trust as well as form confortability.


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