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I am a passionate, honest and creative Career coach. Since a very young age I´ve been a “restless butt” always aiming for adventure and change, I´ve been always interested in personal growth. I travelled a lot for both work and pleasure. I am an optimistic (but not delusional) dreamer: I want to change the world and we can only change it first, by changing our own world. I think it only takes one person to change it: YOU.

Professional background

Life and Executive Coach certifications Mentoring certification 10 years leading and coaching teams

How I work

I help women unsatisfied with their career to find their purpose and get the confidence to make the heart-led change career-wise to thrive finally and feel fulfilled. Check what my clients says:



Your Career mission on the making

Do you know your mission? Here you have the top 3 questions to discover your career mission, and build your statement.

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Passion vs Purpose

Difference between Passion and Purpose. Coaching questions to figure out your purpose.

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Developing Courage

Inspirational post, to develop couarage.

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